News & Awards

  • Excerpt from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism media release (8/11/16):

    McGraw Center Awards Three New Business Reporting Grants

    Katherine Eban is one of four veteran journalists who have won grants as recipients of the McGraw Fellowships for Business Journalism.
    Two of the winning projects will explore challenges facing the modern pharmaceutical industry: Eban's centers on the inadequate regulation of generic drugs produced around the globe.
    The McGraw Fellowships, an initiative of the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Center for Business Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, were created in 2014 to support ambitious coverage of critical issues related to the U.S. economy and business.
  • Excerpt from the Carnegie Corporation media release (04/22/15): 

    New $6 Million Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program Supports Social Sciences and Humanities 

    The Carnegie Corporation of New York announced the names of 32 Andrew Carnegie Fellows today as the inaugural class of a major annual fellowship program that will provide support for scholars in the social sciences and humanities. The Andrew Carnegie Fellows are an exceptional group of established and emerging scholars, journalists, and authors whose work distills knowledge, enriches our culture, and equips leaders in the realms of science, law, business, public policy and the arts. The fellowships aim to provide new perspectives on the program's overarching theme for 2015: Current and Future challenges to U.S. Democracy and International Order. Winning proposals address issues including policing and race, big data and privacy, the impact of an aging population, the safety of generic drugs, and how attitudes are formed among voters.

    Read more about the Carnegie Fellowship in the New York Times (04/22/15):

    New $200,00 Carnegie Fellowships to Aid Researchers in Humanities and Social Science

  • Katherine's article, "Dirty Medicine," which ran last May on, won the 2014 Deadline Club Business Investigative Reporting award and was a finalist for the public service award. Read more here.

  • Katherine's article "Dirty Medicine," which ran last May on, was named a finalist in the Public Interest category of The American Society of Magazine Editors' 2014 National Magazine Awards. Read more here.
  • Katherine's "Dirty Medicine" was honored as a winner in the single article (online) category of min's 2013 Editorial & Design Awards. Read more here.
  • The Newswomen's Club of New York honored Katherine with a 2013 Front Page Award for In-Depth Reporting for her series of articles on "Dirty Medicine." Read more here.
  • Katherine received Time Inc.'s 15th annual Luce award as "Newsbreaker of the Year" for her article, "The Truth about the Fast and the Furious Scandal," on  Also a congratulations to Mina Kimes, whose superb article "Bad to the Bone," also in Fortune Magazine, won for "Outstanding Story."
  • Katherine received the 2013 Donald Robinson Award for Investigative Reporting from The American Society of Journalists and Authors for her article, "The Truth about the Fast and the Furious Scandal," in Fortune Magazine.

    Other award recipients include Laura Beil for “The Dirty Truth About Hospitals" in Men’s Health and Maryn McKenna for her book, "Superbug: The Fatal Menace of MRSA."
  • Katherine's work won two awards at the MIN 2012 Editorial and Design Awards: Best Investigative/Technical Article (Editorial Print) for "The Stranger Reading Your X-Ray" in Self Magazine, and Best Single Article (Online) for "The Truth about the Fast and Furious Scandal" in Fortune Magazine. See the MIN award page here.
  • To hear more about, "Drug Theft Goes Big," podcast NPR, the People's Pharmacy here.
    Free for the next six weeks.

  • Katherine's article "Bad Bargain" in Self magazine wins first place from the Association of Health Care Journalists in the category of general interest magazines above 1 million circulation, and the Donald Robinson Memorial Award for Investigative Journalism from the American Society of Journalists and Authors.  See the AHCJ Award Page here, and the ASJA award page here.
  • Senator Bryan Dorgan (D-ND) discusses Dangerous Doses on the Senate floor in support of the Dorgan-Snowe Drug Importation Bill.  Read the transcript here, or watch the video below.  Katherine's book comes up about a minute in:

  • Newsday's Delthia Ricks cites Katherine's book in an article on the rise of counterfeit influenza drugs.  According to Ricks, "traffickers in fake influenza medications are exploiting people's fears by marketing counterfeit Tamiflu, bogus vaccines and would-be cures".  The article is available online to Newsday subscribers.
  • Nevada Public Radio, KNPR, talks to Katherine about her new article in Fortune Magazine, "Medical Mafia," an investigation into the insurance fraud and collusion of a group of Las Vegas doctors and lawyers.  Click here to listen to the interview or download the mp3.
  • Listen to an extended interview with Katherine on the NPR radio program, the People's Pharmacy, about the safety of generic drugs.
  • Katherine's article, "Bad Bargain," about the safety risks of generic drugs, in the June issue of Self Magazine, is featured on the Today Show:

  • Roger Bate cites Katherine's book in his article for The New Ledger : "Prescription Drug Reimportation and the Economic Downturn."
  • "The War on Terror: Rorschach and Awe:" cited on Consortium News as the first breaking story about the Bush administration's torture policies implemented by CIA psychologists, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen.
  • Katherine appears as a guest speaker on "Democracy Now: The War and Peace Report" to share her findings on psychologists Jessen and Mitchell.  Click here to read the transcript.
  • Charles Kaiser of the Columbia Journalism Review cites "Rorschach and Awe" as among the earliest and most accurate reports of the CIA's use of torture on Abu Zubaydah. Click here.
  • Katherine's article in Vanity Fair, "The War on Terror: Rorschach Awe," is listed as #10 in Project Censored's Top 25 censored stories of 2009
  • Hear Katherine on the Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC, discussing psychologists and torture.
  • Katherine is awarded the American Society of Journalists and Authors' Donald Robinson Memorial Award for Investigative Journalism for her article, "The War on Terror: Rorschach and Awe,"